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About Youngstown Recipe Table

YoungstownRecipes.com is our new home for recipes native to the Youngstown, Ohio area. Most of them were previously collected on a Facebook® page called Youngstown Recipe Table.  You’ll find many ethnic culinary favorites including Italian, Slovak, Polish, German, Mexican, Chinese, and Thai to name just a few.  There are even a few secret Recipes from favorite restaurants, joints, bars, and hang-outs that closed long ago.  

Who doesn’t remember The Twentieth Century on Belmont, Antone’s on Market, The Oven, Brier Hill Pizza, or Pierogi at a local church during Lent?  We’ve got all those recipes and many, many more. Due to ever-growing restrictions imposed by FB on public groups and the fact that making the group Private would defeat the purpose of sharing Youngstown Recipes, we have moved our recipes to this website where all of our visitors are free to view, share, and print recipes from Youngstown and NE Ohio.

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